Break through advertising Aqua

AQUA latest consumer marketing delivers break through advertising with interaction to deliver the benefit of drinking AQUA to maintain concentration and focus.  In contrast most category advertising for mineral water focuses on the water’s source and purity.

“Saya ingin membeli AQUA” is synonymous with bottled water “I want to buy a bottle of mineral water” in Indonesia. Holding the largest market share doesn’t stop AQUA from innovating. Recently, AQUA provides several unique designs for the bottle that promote Indonesia’s culture and values.  Recent TV commercials #AdaAQUA (there is AQUA) enable consumer interaction to test concentration and focus.


AQUA breaks advertising expectations for mineral water

AQUA smoothly makes consumers aware of the importance of consuming AQUA.  The TV advertisement breaks expectations of advertising in the water category and has the power to gain traction – that is, stick in consumers’ minds. It is a clear adaptation of the work first seen in Test Your Awareness: Do The Test (with the moon walking bear) for Transport of London raising driver awareness of cyclists released in 2008, as shown below.

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Cimigo, a market research agency Indonesia, Asia presents the latest consumer trends in Indonesia Asia.

Superfood Moringa tea Vietnam Asia

Superfood Moringa tea available in Vietnam.  Moringa has long been recognised  as superfood, packed with an abundance of nutrients. Moringa has traditionally consumed as a powerful nutrition source and  has received numerous claims of health benefits in traditional remedies.  Traditional remedies account for 60% of all consumer healthcare spending in Vietnam according to Cimigo, market research companies Vietnam Asia, see market research reports Vietnam Consumer Healthcare Trends.

Vietnam has a strong predisposition to traditional remedies

The Vietnam consumer market has a very natural and strong predisposition to traditional remedies.

Mori markets the moringa (Chùm ngây) benefits in a range of healthy teas. Healthy beverage propositions abound today as consumers seek healthier lifestyles and increasing spurn artificial additives.  There are not enough healthy brands to satisfy consumer desires as Cimigo, market research companies Vietnam Asia, demonstrated in market research reports Vietnamese Consumer Healthy Choices.

Mori delivers a sense of naturalness, simplicity and health in their product range.

Cimigo expect to see the proliferation of similar natural and healthy propositions.   However we also expect to see consumer marketing budgets back this superfood (which is also harvested in Vietnam) as it moves from moringa based products into the realm of mass marketing.  We expect moringa will increasing be used as an added ingredient to support existing mainstream consumer product propositions with a strong rational reason to believe.

For some indulgence with your tea, feel less guilty with a delicious Mori moringa cookie.

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Soy milk meets real men, Vietnam Asia

Healthy soy milk for men, Vietnam Asia. This new performance based proposition soy milk from Vinasoy launched in December 2015 targets men for a category that has traditionally had a strong female association and user franchise.

Healthy soy milk for men, Vietnam Asia

Soymen clearly seeks to expand the category to men and win share of throat from other heath, nutrition and performance beverages.  The Soymen proposition adds green tea and promotes essential amino acids as a reason to believe muscle build and health.  The carton pack design of the soy milk successfully moves associations of carton packs away from children and females.  Bold colour cues (black and green) with a bevel edged tetra pak denote more masculine grip reinforce masculinity. Advertising visuals use sports and gym environments to add further connotations of masculinit and performancey.  The 250ml pack will again be a deliberate male portion sizing along with a wider retractable straw support the proposition. At a retail price of 8,400d versus Vinasoy’s own Fami soy at 4,500d for a 200ml pack, the price point may prove a barrier at launch.

Soymen – first soy milk for men TVC

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