Asia market research conference Shanghai May 17-19

Asia market research conference Shanghai May 17-19

Join the best Asia market research conference in Shanghai this May 17-19. There are some great speakers to provide inspiration to your approach to market research and map future opportunities

Asia market research conference

Join us in Shanghai, at ESOMAR’s leading Asia Pacific data and insights event, designed to give you the business intelligence and inspiration to better understand consumers and society.

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During two days of content, discover:

  • how L’Oreal, GlaxoSmithKline and The Coca-Cola Company are using sound, video and VR for consumer insights and product engagement
  • the price of research services across Asia Pacific and how this compares globally
  • which market is going to lead innovation, research growth and how – from the viewpoint of big brands and companies
  • exactly how big data, AI and machine learning are empowering businesses such as Unilever, Chervon, and media players such as ISOBAR, Carat, Facebook, as well as government agency EECA
  • the new rules of engagement in multichannel retail and media – plus how to design brands and great customer services with exceptional new insights
  • the excitement of networking with over 300 business professionals from more than 30 countries
  • the latest solutions from a marketplace of 40 companies all hosted in the APAC 2017 exhibition

Our previously sold out 2016 event returns for 2017 – this year in Shanghai, where we invite the region’s business community for data and insight discoveries that will have an equally impressive impact and influence on your daily work.

Event research at the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens

Event research at the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens

The 2017 Hong Kong Rugby Sevens marked another year of Cimigo’s event research at Hong Kong Stadium, with 50 interviewers on site to measure spectator engagement at this unique, world-class event. Cimigo interviewed over 1,700 attendees and is pleased to report satisfaction with the event remains extremely high, with very strong levels of repeat attendance likely in 2018.

It was also the second year of event research being conducted at Hong Kong Sevens Central, which is a free way to enjoy the Hong Kong Sevens in the heart of Central Hong Kong. There was a great turn out of overseas and local visitors, rating the event atmosphere as world-class, and with particularly strong levels of recall for key sponsors.

With an estimated total of 63,000+ overseas visitors in attendance at both the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens and Hong Kong Sevens Central combined, Cimigo’s event research helped to measure the economic impact that these visitors have on local tourism. The Hong Kong Rugby Sevens was found to be very effective in promoting the country’s reputation and key to enhancing overseas visitors’ stay in Hong Kong.

The survey also measured sponsorship efficacy in terms of sponsor awareness, communications and impact of their individual presence. Profiling of local and overseas spectators also enabled brands to evaluate their sponsorship strategy and relationship with the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens.

Cimigo’s event research not only touched on spectator engagement, but provided a platform to test a number of ideas aimed at enhancing Hong Kong Sevens in the coming years. Some initiatives previously implemented include Women’s Sevens at the main tournament, and various promotional activities such as concerts, activations and fanzones.  We look forward to uncovering more ways to increase event satisfaction at future Hong Kong Rugby Sevens tournaments.

Look out for Cimigo Sport at upcoming major sporting events in 2018!

Cimigo Sport is a branch of Cimigo that specialises in sports research, and is committed to maximising the potential of your event. We are proud to partner with various sporting events in Hong Kong to enhance the profile of sport among the community, and promote an active and healthy lifestyle.

Teens build deep connections at Tet

Teen consumer research highlights teens delights

Cimigo’s teens consumer research covered 15 to 19 year olds in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Cimigo will show that whilst there’s still a lot of feeling for some of the traditional elements of Tet (e.g. family gatherings and lucky money), teenagers in this demographic want greater independence and freedom.

Estimated readting time 10 minutes

Without the pressure of school and studies and a greater exposure to ever increasing influences, teens are telling us that they want to experience more, see more and do more.

“I like to receive lucky money so that I can buy things and hang out and gamble with friends.” 16-year old, Ho Chi Minh City.


Teens relish the time with close family

Cimigo teens consumer reserach affirms that the most popular aspect of Tet for 15 to 19 year olds in Vietnam is spending more time with family. In daily life, with parents working, siblings studying or doing other activities, family time can be limited. The lunar new year holiday, with family meals and gatherings, means a greater focus on ‘together’ time for everyone. Even teens who want independence and a sense of ‘growing up’ still cherish time spent with their family.


“The party is simple but it’s so warm.” 15-year old Hanoi

Helping out gives teens a chance to demonstrate their maturity

Helping the family with Tet preparations, even though it can be hard work, gives teens a sense of pride in helping their parents. It’s seen as part of the transition to adult life, with added responsibilities, expectations, etc and also gives teens a greater connection with their family along with a change of attitude in how they’re perceived in the family group.


“When we clean the house all the family members have tasks. Parents take the first floor and we take the second floor.” 19-year old, Hanoi.


Tet pay off for teens


There’s a pay-off at Tet. Teens understand that they make a small sacrifice for their family in the days before Tet in order to get the reward of independence during the rest of the holiday. And more and more these days in Vietnam, it’s this independence that teenagers look for in the Tet holidays.

With an ever-increasing range of influences, teens are using Tet to try fresh things, perhaps visit places for the first time or try new activities. There are less restrictions than in the past, and parents are more willing to let the older children (16+ year-olds) get out more.  Cimigo found that teenagers who’ve spent many years growing up in cities enjoy visiting rural areas for new experiences, giving them a fresh outlook whilst enjoying a more simple life.

If they’re able to travel then teens tell us they would like to travel long distances to really get a feel of being on holiday, of going somewhere different. So from Saigon, for example, young adults want to get to the beaches of Nha Trang or travel even further north to Qui Nhon and Danang.


Teens take Tet to start afresh


Off course, the holidays are a time to switch off and relax. A time to forget about studies for a while and, for those with important exams ahead, recharge the batteries ready to hit the books when returning to school. During the new year break teenagers don’t want to be reminded of the pressures of studying and passing exams too much so, as well as relaxation, they’re looking for excitement, new adventures and a chance to be themselves.


“Relatives kept asking me about the University I plan to enter and started judging if I can pass”.  18-year old, Hanoi


Lucky money trade offs for teens

Finally, we can’t talk about teenagers and Tet without mentioning lucky money. As you might expect, lucky money is still seen as a big new year tradition for teens in Vietnam. For a lot of them, lucky money at Tet will be the largest sum of cash they receive throughout the year so it can be a tricky decision for some. Go and have fun with friends but miss out on cash if you’re not at home with the family!


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TET delights and tensions for Teens

It’s a sign of teenagers’ increasing maturity that they’re becoming more aware of the value and importance of money. The elder teens of today understand better that lucky money is something that can make a difference to their lives; it’s more than just small change for candies and other treats. Used wisely, teens realise that their lucky money can be used for more grown-up activities such as eating out with friends, or even short trips away.

“Last Tet I went out too much with my friends and spent lots of money. This year I’m going to stay at home for the first few days of Tet to get lucky money!” 17-year old, Ho Chi Minh City.

Whilst it’s clear that some teens continue to hold on to the traditional aspects of the lunar new year holiday, lots of teenagers’ view Tet differently. Teenagers today in Vietnam are exposed to so many more influences, and with that comes a feeling of progress and change – much like the country itself in many ways.

As a marketer, you need to adapt your strategies and messages to these changes. Vietnam is developing and so are the lifestyles of its teenagers. Let your communications show that the modern Vietnam teenager expects more opportunities; speak to their sense of freedom and maturity and their desire to move from childhood to adulthood.