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Fitbar taps into healthy lifestyles Vietnam Asia

Fitbar taps into healthy lifestyles Vietnam Asia

Healthy packaged snacks emerge in Vietnam.  Fitbar form Kalbe Indonesia launched in October 2015.  The proposition combines great taste with health for guilt free snacking. The 25g rice cereal bar retails for 8,000d (or 39,000 for a box of five) providing a good value convenience.  There are
Superfood Moringa in a tea bag, Vietnam Asia

Superfood Moringa in a tea bag, Vietnam Asia

Moringa has long been recognised  as superfood, packed with an abundance of nutrients. Moringa has traditionally consumed as a powerful nutrition source and  has received numerous claims of health benefits in traditional remedies..  Traditional remedies account for 60% of all consumer healthcare
Emart Korean hypermarket in Vietnam Asia

Korean soft power gets physical in Vietnam Asia

Korean soft power has been nothing but soft, over the past two decades e deluge of Korean TV drama series, music and models has had a far greater influence on Vietnamese pop culture than any other country. This soft power has been instrumental in driving the success of Korean beauty, cosmetic and
Bakmi Mewah Luxury Noodles Indoensia Asia

Bakmi Mewah luxury meets noodles Indonesia Asia

Instant noodles are a staple in the Indoensia’s collective diet.  Bakmi Mewah (Luxurious Noodles) joins the market with a unique luxury proposition that redefines the category. More than instant noodles as we know them, Bakmi Mewah is closer to the chicken noodles (mie ayam) served by hawkers, providing
NetFlix Vietnam

Coming to a screen very near you. NetFlix Vietnam

Within a week of the Netflix announcement at the Consumer Electronics Show 2016, on January 6th that Netflix would expand to 130 countries, it was available in Vietnam as a subscription of 180,000d per month. Within days the legality has been questioned by local licensing authorities.   Netflix


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