Emart Korean hypermarket in Vietnam Asia

Korean soft power gets physical in Vietnam Asia

Korean soft power has been nothing but soft, over the past two decades e deluge of Korean TV drama series, music and models has had a far greater influence on Vietnamese pop culture than any other country. This soft power has been instrumental in driving the success of Korean beauty, cosmetic and personal care brands.

Emart is the largest retailer in Korea was founded in 1993 by Shinsegae as the first discount retailer in South Korea.   Emart opened  the first 12,000 square metre retail store in December 2015 in Saigon, Vietnam with a proposition of a happy hypermarket .  Emart has plans for many more stores across Vietnam.   Emart is the second major Korean player in the retail landscape in Vietnam after Lotte Mart.  Emart should be able to leverage Korean soft power in Vietnam into sales and impact consuemr shopping behaviour. The first store is located at 366 Phan Văn Trị, phường 5, Go Vap, HCMC.

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